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Calling all Gamers... LoTR Charmed

Format: LiveJournal and AIM
Genre: Charmed/LoTR AU crossover
Name: LoTR Charmed
Website: LoTR Charmed
Minimum Age Requirement: 16 to join, 18+ to participate in anything R or up.
Deadline: We would like to get some people in before Nov. 25, but technically no deadline.

Specific Requirements: a LJ, AIM, and creative and open minds are what we crave!
Game Description: lotr_charmed is an AU game set in the Charmed universe, where magic exists, and those who practice it and are tied to it - witches, demons, whitelighters, and darklighters - are not only real, but conflicting against each other.

In fact, in the area of Seattle, there's been heightened demon activity all over. It's to the point where the witches and whitelighters are hard-pressed to keep all the demons at bay. What's worse, The Elders have gone strangely silent - but it's the same for those on the other side, too. Something's about to happen, something big, and no one knows what's going on.

LotR Charmed is an established game that has been running since March of this year. We are currently looking for more people to join, especially anyone interested in having their character play on the dark side of the spectrum. Knowledge of Charmed is not required to play, though it is recommended. The game will skip ahead a year on Thanksgiving, enabling any new characters to start out fresh and join the new plot right at the beginning.

We've opened up the character options to more than just the LotR cast and Charmed cast, and are now exception 2nd degree separations. So if Elijah Wood was in a movie once with Josh Harnett and he was in a movie with Ben Affleck, then they are both options to be played. If you need help finding who has been in something with someone else, this is a good site to find out: Star Links.

Any other actors will be considered on a case by case basis, as well as any original characters. Canon characters from the movie/book/show will be considered on a rarer basis, but it never hurts to ask. We're looking for the Good, the Bad and the somewhere In Betweens.

We'd like to see a wide variety of pups, not just witches. Normal humans are needed, as well as some bad guys. Darklighters are strongly desired. If you're not sure if we allow something, please just ask. We'd really like to see a police officer or something of that nature as well.

Alyssa Milano (Evil Witch)
Billy Boyd (Witch)
Brian Krause (Whitelighter)
David Wenham (Shaman)
Dominic Monaghan (Darklighter)
Elijah Wood (Changeling)
Faith Carter (OC- Witch)
Holly Marie Combs (Witch)
Karl Urban (Demon hunter)
Miranda Otto (Evil Seer-witch)
Rose McGowen (Witch)
Shannon Doherty (Witch)

>(In need of replacement)<
Liv Tyler (Succubus)
Orlando Bloom (Witch)
Viggo Mortensen (Whitelighter)

Bernard Hill
Cate Blanchett
Ian McKellen
Marton Csokas
Sean Astin
Sean Bean
Dorian Gregory
Drew Fuller
Greg Vaughan
Ted King

In the case of replacements, past history and information as well as past RP logs will gladly be provided, but depending on how long the absence is, the option to start over fresh is there.

If you are interested in joining, please look here for the rules and information on where to send an application. Feel free to comment to this post if you have any questions about the game.

You can also email any questions you have to, or contact the Mod via AIM at: TolkiensBeehotch
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